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Month: October 2020

RC Crawlers for kids

RC Crawlers for kids

Remote-controlled cars that overcome (almost) any obstacle effortlessly: RC crawlers are the perfect choice for little RC fans who love action and always want to explore new paths in the terrain. Some of these vehicles are especially suitable for children, as the main focus here is not on speed but on skillful maneuvering.

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At what age is a remote controlled car useful for children?

The range of remote controlled RC models is now so huge that even for toddlers from the age of 2 there are RC cars available that make sense. However, the speed, the transmitter range and also the steering angle / control should be adapted to the age or skill of the child.
Basically, the age recommendation of the manufacturer should also be observed. However, for particularly careful and skilful children, 2-3 years can be added to the age recommendation.

What maximum speed should an RC car have for a child?

Faster cars also promise more action. At the same time, this also means that the remote-controlled car is more difficult to control.

  • Therefore, slower RC cars up to a maximum speed of approx. 12 km/h are better suited for getting started or for smaller children. More experienced drivers can also have fun with faster cars.
  • Speeds above 20 km/h make little sense for children (exceptions confirm the rule) – the joy is quickly lost if the vehicle regularly crashes into obstacles.

What transmitter range should a remote-controlled car have?

The entry-level models usually have a very short range – after a few meters, that’s it. But that’s absolutely fine for small children, for indoor use anyway.
However, from a certain age or with children who already have some experience with remote controlled vehicles, a too small range becomes increasingly disturbing. This should be taken into account when buying a car.

A solid list of best RC rock crawlers can be found here:

Should RC Crawler cars for children be powered by accumulators or batteries?

For small children, batteries are definitely sufficient – when changing batteries, you don’t have to be very careful (but always in the presence of adults!).

For children from about 7-8 years of age, the advantages of a rechargeable battery can also be enjoyed (full power until the end). However, the charging process requires some patience and also caution in the correct handling of batteries (do not store discharged batteries for a long time; do not keep them in the vehicle for a long time etc.).