SX8e Evo 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy

SX8e Evo 1/8 Scale Electric Buggy

By TQ Racing – Jan 1Posted in: 1/8th Scale

For 2011, TQ Race Products looks to continue on the Championship winning growth it saw last year in 1/10 racing, but going back to it’s root.  TQ’s first car was a 1/8 scale nitro buggy and new for 2011, we will introduce both a nitro and electric version of the TQ SX8 Evo chassis.

The SX8 Evo cars will both feature 7075 aluminum shock towers and chassis, a low friction drive train featuring spiral cut gears, big bores shocks, front and rear roll bars, clear lexan bodies with high down force rear wings.

Both the nitro and electric versions will share suspension arms, shock towers, bulkheads, diff cases and shocks.  Keeping the main chassis plate as the biggest difference between the two cars gives the racer an advantage of only having to carry a few spares that will work with both versions.

The electric version has been desgined to optimize the many different battery configurations used currently by 1/8 electric races.  Giving every driver the best weight distribuation available for easier handling and faster lap times.  The motor as also been placed as far forward as possible to help balance chassis performance and give superior handling.

The design concept was to keep the car as lightweight as possible yet strong enough to take what ever terrain it is placed on with enough adjustability to make it fast for any skill level. The “Make if Fast and Make it Affordable” motto from the 1/10 side has been carried to the 1/8 side.

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