SX10 2w Mid Two Wheel Drive Competition Buggy

SX10 2w Mid Two Wheel Drive Competition Buggy

By TQ Racing – Dec 12Posted in: 1/10th Scale, News

TQ Race Products proudly introduces a new product, developed from the championship winning SX10 series.  We once again looked at the r/c industry and attempted to make product that would be affordable to racers and fast on the track.

SX10 2w Mid

Mid Motor cars move the motor in front of the rear drive line to give the car a more balanced weight distribution than traditional rear mounted motors.  TQ Race Products will sell the Mid with either a saddle pack or stick chassis configuration.  The gearbox has been re-designed with an additional internal gear for the correct motor rotation all enclosed in a tight package.  Special consideration was also taken in designing a body that keeps a small aerodynamic profile.

Kit features include:

–          Full ball bearings

–          TQ’s Big Bore shocks – some of the smoothest, easiest to build shocks in the industry

–          Aluminum front brace, shock mounts, and steering posts

–          Graphite battery strap

–          Available in saddle pack or stick pack style chassis

–          Available as a kit, or conversion kit for your current SX10 2w

Part numbers:

SX10 2w Mid (stick pack chassis) complete kit – K00114

SX10 2w Mid (stick pack chassis) conversion kit – TU0284

SX10 2w Mid (saddle pack chassis) conversion kit – TU0283

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