Joel Hernandez TQ and WINS Lost Coast RC Series Round #2

Joel Hernandez TQ and WINS Lost Coast RC Series Round #2

Race report – Joel Hernandez TQ’s and WINS Lost Coast RC Series Round #2

Strategy & Development

Since the first round did not go so well, I had to make this a good showing, there are a total of 2 throwout races and I’m already using one throwout. It was my goal to come into the race and lay down some fast and consistent times. I got to the track on Friday to do some testing and just to have a little fun. By the end of the day the car was working really well, and the motor was running great. 1st round – 6th 10-5:00 I was on pace for a 13 lap run and I was making no mistakes while hitting my lines with great accuracy, but about 4 minutes into the race my motor just stopped working. 

First Round Recap

After inspecting my motor setup it seems that I was running to rich and the idle was a little low. The humidity jumped from 10% to 25% so I felt that this made the engine go rich. The car seemed to be good, but I made a few subtle adjustments to the suspension to help on the rougher sections of the track. I was happy with the way my driving went since I didn’t make any mistakes and my lap times were all low 25sec to high 24 sec times.

2nd Round – TQ 12-5:11

The second round was going really well, but I had made one huge mistake away from the corner marshal that probably set me back about 10sec or so, but other than that one mistake I had a good clean run which put me in the TQ spot for the main event.

Second Round Recap

The car was good and the motor was good, I have no excuses for how I ran, I made a mistake that cost me a 13 lap run. As for competition, the local hot shot was about 5 seconds of my pace for the 5 minutes, but I felt that he could not hold consistent times for longer than 10 minutes.

The Main Event

Not much to really report on, everything worked well, I made about 4 mistakes total and at the end of the race I was about 2 or 3 laps up on the 2nd place driver. Qualifying Position = 1st Finishing Position = 1st 

Race Recap

Had a great time everything went pretty good, and now getting ready for the next race. Here is a short video from the Main Event – Below the view count select high Quality for better viewing…

Click Here for The Video

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