2010 ROAR Off Road Nationals – TQ Wins!!!!!!!!!

2010 ROAR Off Road Nationals – TQ Wins!!!!!!!!!

By TQ Racing – Nov 11Posted in: News, Race Report

TQ Racing factory driver Kenny Ferris wins the 2010 ROAR 2wd Stock National Championships with his SX10 2w! TQ Racing also debuts the new SX10 SC Short Course Truck with team driver Travis Amezcua almost winning the 2wd Open Short Course National Championship – finishing a very close second after winning the second A Main. Mike Ziolkowski also used the SX10 SC to finish second overall and win the third A Main in the 2wd Stock Short Course class.

Kenny started the week strong by winning three of four qualifying round to take the Top Qualifying position for the event.  He followed that up by winning the first two A Mains to clinch his first National Championship – and TQ Racing’s first National Championship. Dave Neustrom also made the 2wd Stock A Main finishing 8th overall with his SX10 2w  Kenny’s TQ SX10 2w was using Tekin Electronics, motors and batteries, as well as, B-Fast diff parts. He also used TQ Big Bore shocks to soak up the bumps as the track started to break up.

Travis’ brand new SX10 SC was on rails all weekend, qualifying 4th overall – but it was the main events where the truck showed its true metal. In the first A Main he finished second.  He won the second A main with a pass leading to the final corner.  And in the third A Main, he came from being over 7 seconds behind to challenge for the win on the final lap only to come up a little short.  Not a bad debut for the brand new SX10 SC. Travis also made the A Main in 2wd Open with his SX102w finishing 10th after the triple A Mains.

One of TQ’s newest drivers Cory Crosley was the TQ and Winner of the Stock SC class, unfortunately, while Cory helped develop and set up SX10 SC’s with the team we did not have one for him to use at the event.  Cory did turn  faster laps in practice with a SX10SC than he used in the event.  Another TQ driver Ray Kindstrom made the podium in the 4wd SC class – another project we  have to look into.

We would like to thank all the team drivers and customers who have helped to support us to continue to develop and grow this product line. Special thanks to Team Manager John LoGiudice for all his hard work, making sure all the cars were in their best condition, on the grid, through tech and handling all the media requests at the event!!

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