2010 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout

2010 Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout

By TQ Racing – Jul 7Posted in: Race Report

TQ Racing attends it’s first Hot Road Shootout in CA.  Three team drivers brought seven TQ Racing chassis’ to the race.  Incredibly four of them made A Mains!!!

Travis Amezcua made his debut for TQ Racing, building his SX10 2w and 4w cars just before the event he was immediately on pace running back in the world of 1/10 scale racing. His Reedy/LRP powered cars were right on the pace in both classes.  In 4wd Modified he qualified 10th in the A Main.  In 2wd, the car was fast enough, but the racing gods were not on our side as Travis missed the A Main by a little over one second in combined time, he qualifying first in the B Main (where he finished 2nd, with the fastest average of 10 laps in the race). In the 4wd triple A mains, Travis continued to show how strong the SX10 4w is going to be by finishing 4th in the first A Main, and finishing 6th overall.

Nate Lavery ran in the Super Stock classes and also was able to put his SX10 4w in the A Main!!  He qualified 5th and fought to an 8th finish in the A Main.  Nate also ran his 2w in the 2wd Super Stock class, missing out on the A Main – Nate qualified in the B Main for that class and finished in 2nd place.  He also qualified in the B Main of the Super Stock Truck class (finishing in 5th, with the fastest lap and fastest 5 lap average).

Kyle Wrigley ran his SX10 2w and SX10 T in the Stock classes.  He hustled his TQ cars around to qualify both vehicles into their perspective A Mains.  Not only did Kyle get into the A Main – he won A Main #3 in the 2wd class and was in contention for the overall win – finally finishing on the podium in 3rd Place after qualifying 5th.  Kyle followed that up with a strong result in Stock Truck by finishing 8th in the A Main final standings (after qualifying 10th).

The guys helped us to do some testing, really the first to help see that the new Big Bore Shocks that debuted on the SX10 4w – work great on the SX10 2w!! Guys reported better feel, quicker respond after landing from jumps and better ability to handle sharp undulations in the track.


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